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Summertime in English House

When the weather gets hotter the kids getting more tired during the day but one thing they always have energy for is Craft Day! One thing they love to do it paint! So we got out our paint brushes and painted what summer meant to us. What is our favorite activity to do during summer?

The activity I like the best is Journal Day. Some kids are so good and drawing and some kids really express themselves well. It’s great to see all kids do well at this!

Of course, for every lesson we always have “speaking time,”with question & answer time and sentence making time. For example, everyone has to make a sentence with the words starting with “ Last night I…” or “I think …” The kids can get pretty relaxed and say funny things! Yesterday we had a huge discussion about which animal was smarter, the octopus or the squid!
And of course we always end with a game.