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A Typical Day

After English lesson, we go outside to play and first we check our vegetables and give them some water, saying “Grow vegetables grow!”

Next, I am greeted by a zombie who says, “Come here!” Where I am chased to the slide where other cute and funny zombies come. For some reason they all want to ask “Do you like big, big, big coffee?” Then I ask “What do you want to be for Halloween and of course they say, “Zombies and Princess Zombies!”

I escape from the zombies to kids digging in the sandbox and finding bugs. I ask, “Is that a cicada?” They look at me like I’m crazy and say, “No, it’s a roly poly bug.”

Playing outside has made us hungry. So we go inside to eat and two kids proudly, “I’m going to eat all!”

Lastly, it is afternoon study time for Elephant class and today we are reading from our textbooks. I am very happy to see such enthusiastic readers!

Boy! What a busy day!!! The