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Our Beloved Programming Days

As some of you may know, from one o’clock to two o’clock, the Elephants have a special study time of either reading, writing or Programming.  These days it is getting hotter and we can get a little  sleepy in the afternoon, but we NEVER get sleepy on Wednesdays! Wednesday is Programming Day! Programming are these block puzzles we must solve.

I write “we” because some of them are even tough for me! We are almost finished with Book 1 and the puzzles are getting more difficult. Here is a student thinking hard and when he finally did it, he raised his hands with a big cheer. “I Got It!”


But many times, the puzzles are just too difficult and we need a little from our friends. The Elephants are so kind and helpful to each other! I really like when students help each other.
The RULE is: when a person can solve a problem, they can do it once, but if they can “teach” someone how to do it, they REALLY know it!

Thank you everyone for doing your best during Programming! Together you will become great problem solvers!