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Art Lesson with a Guri and Gura story

We love Fridays because we get to have an Art Lesson! Today we listened really well to the teacher read us the story. We watched the teacher demonstrate the painting example.


First we had to glue the FRYING PAN.

Second we had to make our PANCAKE! Do you like pancakes? They are very yummy.

The students painted their yellow pancakes beautifully.


Let’s decorate our pancake. What do you like on your pancake? Today, we cut out our colored fruit.

Well done Rabbit Class on using the scissors safely.


Next, let’s glue our yummy fruit on our pancake. MMMMM DELICIOUS!

Lastly, let’s draw our friends and decorate our painting. We drew lots of happy smiley friends and hearts. The students love to use their crayons.

“It’s beautiful!” says the teacher.

“We’re so proud of your hard work and effort!” says another teacher.