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Finally the waiting is over!

Star Class visited the “HAPPY DREAM CIRCUS”.

Kids were talking about it for a month and was very excited.




We reached the circus .

The show began with dancing and gymnasts showed their physical feats.

They twisted their bodies in many ways. The physical movements of their bodies

were greatly applauded. Intermittent fests by the jokes made the spectators and Star Kids

burst into laughter.





Physical feats lasted for an hour.Then came the cyclists.

They presented good fests on wheels. The motor cyclists ran their motorcycles

simultaneously in a deep well.There were many other such daring feats which keep

Star Kids spellbound! One of the Star Kids favourite event under the top was when

the trapeze artists performed. They loved watching them in swing through the air.




The two hours go by in a flash we came out of circus full of praise for it.

We laugh,marvel and tremble!