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Sunshine class

The last worksheet of the school year is to complete an alphabet colouring in page. And the older children had excellent attention and colouring in or tracing skills. Wonderful work class!!

Over the year, each student in Mouse class has developed new English skills and abilities, they have shown compassion and kindness to each other and are confident in their daily lives. They have been extraordinary. I am very proud of their achievements!

Mouse class is super excited to be moving up into Star Class and I cannot wait to see what mischief and fun they will have.

The younger children have been enjoying the sunshine outside! We run around and learn English as we play. We can build a big sandcastle, have running race or even fall down and then get back up! The younger children have displayed confidence and I am very proud of their own achievements.

What a very happy 2018 school year we had! I wish you all much happiness and joy next year!