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May Event Day: Friendship

So for today’s activity the children got into their groups; banana, apples, grapes, pears and oranges. They used teamwork to find matching eggs. Many eggs were the same color but had different stickers so sometimes they had to search and search. Many teammates were so excited to compete and others were so helpful to their teammates!

To start they had to find their matching anywhere in the room! Two teams competed against each other at a time. Kids were eager to get started and so happy to find a match!




When the two teams were finished, teachers hid the eggs again. Kids had to close their eyes. Do you think there were some peekers?

In the final, the Strawberry team went against the  Banana team! The Strawberry Team won by one by one point. They were sob happy, that they jumped for joy!


The next game was fruit basket. The kids worked together to try to get to their seats and not be in the middle. They were so happy together when they made it together.