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Respect for the Aged day

Today we all had finished our postcards for our Grandparents. Postcards with dragonflies and “I Love You!” So we decided to take a walk to the post box over the way. We got our partners and our listening caps on. We are a big group now so it took awhile but we made it and mailed our postcards safely on their way. Afterwards, we played outside but it was so hot that we went inside, drank our drinks and sang songs to cool down!


今月は敬老の日ということで、みんなのgrandparents に向けてハガキの制作をして、ポストに投函に行きました!
信号を渡る時や、みんなで園外に行く際の交通ルールをしっかり守って、戻ってきてからは園庭でたくさん遊びました⭐︎ 暑かったね〜!