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We Are The Robots

It is the distant future, the year 2016.

Elephant robots no longer say yes, we say affirmative.

yes, affirmative.

DSC04597 DSC04602 DSC04603 DSC04605

We are the?Rabbit robots.

We are functioning automatic.

We are dancing mechanic.


DSC04606 DSC04608 DSC04609 DSC04610 DSC04613

I have some friends, robot pandas and robot pandas and…

I have some friends, they are computers and they are computers and…

DSC04615 DSC04616 DSC04617 DSC04619 DSC04621

DSC04628 DSC04630 DSC04631 DSC04633 DSC04634

You’re wondering IBM?
Machine or manniquine?

With parts made in Japan

We are modren CHILDREN!!


どもありがとう MR ROBOTO