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Star class lesson⭐️

This month we started off the month with many new and exciting lessons. We are learning about the upcoming Mexican Day; where we will be Mexican dancing around sombreros and eating tacos with salsa! I sure hope so!!!!!


Last month and still sometimes this month we learned about all different kinds of animals and the way they move. We played with different water animals such as turtles, sting rays, and octopuses. We enjoyed actually getting to hold and sing songs with the animals from the sea. During reading time we also are reading a big about all the animals in the ocean.






In July, we learned how the animals moved. How some were fast and some were slow, or how some walked and some slithered. It was so funny and fun to see who could walk as slow as a tortoise or slither like a snake.

August will be a theme about Body Parts but we will still revisit these favorite lessons of ours.