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New Friends in Star Class

We have some new friends in our classroom. They have 6 legs and their names are; Nanick, Gilafa and Gillzet named by our Elephant students. Our new friends are BEETLES. They are called Rhinoceros Beetle for they have a single giant horn. We look after our new friends with care and gentleness.

We are so excited to watch them dig in the dirt and move around. Do you think they make a cute pet? They are not very cuddly, but they are very fun to watch!

Look what we found in our playground! Roly Poly bugs! They have lots of legs and can run around very fast. The students love to watch them roll into a ball and then uncurl themselves in their hands. The students like to collect them during their Outside Play and then gently put them back when they go back inside.

Let’s have fun outside.