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Workbook and dictionary time 5/11/2021

Elephant did an excellent job asking and answering old and new questions. In our workbooks we learned new questions like…”What grade are you in?” and answers “I’m in Kindergarten.” (Panda & Rabbit are in Preschool, according to American naming.) Also, “Do you have any brothers and sisters?” and answers “Yes, I do. I have a sister.” or “No, I don’t. I don’t have any brothers or sisters.” The children were very happy to get new and interesting questions.  I was so proud of their hard work.

Panda also today was able to really focus on the dictionary words for this month. They found all the words in the search and find. If they didn’t know a word, they asked me “What is this?” or “Where is this?” We then talked about every word. “Do we have a mirror in our classroom?” or “Do you have a carpet at home?” They could answer so many questions that then I decided, they could ask the questions. So they asked “Do you have a bed in your home?” or “How many chairs do you have?” It was a really awesome class period of constant speaking and listening to vocabulary and questions. There was no Japanese. I was really proud of them today!

This week and last the weather was really nice so we had time to play outside. The kids made roads in the dirt and had fun tea parties. There was a lot of bicycle riding and most of all great fun in finding roly poly bugs!